customer success as service

Customer Success Strategy

Customer Success as a Service ( CSaaS )  is helping companies efficiently extend their customer coverage model with a pay-for-performance approach powered by people. ESG delivers Customer Success strategy. Our process-driven formula combines technology expertise with the power of human interaction to help clients catalyze untapped revenue and build value at every point throughout the customer life-cycle.

Through proactive customer management, we focus on driving your customers’ perceived value of your product or service while keeping an eye on your long-term objectives through a cross-functional team effort.

What is Customer Success as a Service (CSaaS)?

ESG is reshaping the tired, old customer service paradigm to help companies of all sizes close the customer coverage gap. We have a process-driven formula built on 15+ years helping our clients’ customers realize maximum value from their purchases. We’ve developed deep insights into successful customer lifecycle management strategies and provide people who will proactively manage outreach campaigns at specific stages of that lifecycle.

How Do We Do It?

Our pay-for-performance approach is powered by people, tapping into the potential of human interaction to help drive revenue. Our team of Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSM) act as an extension of your existing Customer Success strategy, providing proactive customer management that drives success at all levels.

With ESG, your customers are nurtured through every stage of the lifecycle. Our Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSM) use our Outcome Based Selling Methodology and our process-driven formula to improve your adoption rate, decrease your churn rate and grow your bottom line.