To Automate or Not?

Are you maxed out on your Customer Success (CS) headcount but have the strategic need for more human interaction across your customer base? Do you have CS best practices that are very effective with your largest customers? What would your business look like if you were able to extend those practices into the lower segments of your customer base?

Companies don’t usually have enough Customer Success resources to manage the sheer volume of customers and touchpoints in their lower segments. Automation allows for dramatic efficiency in reaching large numbers of people with minimal effort, but there’s risk in making automation the only aspect of your strategy. Striking the right balance between human interaction and tech-touch automation is possible, if you take the right approach.

This how-to guide explores:

  • Why automation acceleration increases the demand for human engagement
  • The impact of over automation on customer churn
  • How to scale human resources without impacting your top customers

Enjoy these tips and more when you download this guide today!

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