We see it with every client. The top 20% of your customers account for roughly 80% of your revenue and so they get nearly 100% of your proactive attention and resources. But what about the diamonds hiding in that bottom 80%? What about the customers who are left on their own to navigate your products and services? What about the untapped revenue that can come with building those relationships without pulling resources away from your top customers? ESG has the answers.

How Does It Work?

Our team of talented professionals work with your customers as a function of your company so they benefit from a seamless experience where their needs are identified, addressed, resolved and exceeded. Our proven process accommodates whatever customer-specific data you can put into it, and from there, we’re able to identify risk profiles of your customers (low adoption, low retention, etc.), address those risks directly to mitigate churn, and ultimately deliver unprecedented ROI back to you.

Our process brings customer success to life because ESG delivers Customer Success as a Service. We use the power of human interaction to transform reactive customer service into proactive customer success, building better customer relationships and stronger bottom lines.