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Customer Success at Scale: To Automate or Not?

Are you maxed out on your Customer Success (CS) headcount but have the strategic need for more human interaction across your customer base? Striking the right balance between human interaction and tech-touch automation is possible, if you take the right approach. This guide shows you how.


Success Through Customer Segmentation

Will segmenting your customers by annual contract value or size help your team increase adoption, reduce churn or drive more efficient onboarding? Probably Not. This guide offers strategies and action plans to optimize your customer segmentation approach.


Putting Your Customers (and Your Company) on the Map

Learn how to build an effective customer journey map. This guide will help you understand how to prioritize your strategy, how to drive organizational alignment and more.


Integrating Education Services for More Powerful Customer Success

Learn how to bring Education Services and Customer Success together to improve product adoption, drive renewals and uncover expansion opportunities.


What Can ESG Do for You?

Whether you’re looking to boost customer adoption, improve customer retention and renewal rates, or drive incremental revenue, we can craft a custom solution to solve the problem efficiently. Download the datasheet to learn how we do it.


Case Study: ESG Helps Informatica University Drive Training Adoption

Learn how ESG helps Informatica University manage customers throughout their training subscription lifecycle and analyze the impact of training subscribers to the success of the Education Organization and beyond.


Roadmap to Customer Lifecycle Management for Education

See how the concept of lifecycle marketing can help B2B technology companies improve customer retention and promote more profitable programs.


lead nurture handbook

Lead Nurture How-To Handbook

Wondering how to improve lead quality or move leads through your sales cycle more effectively? Learn to turn more leads into sales with timely and targeted nurturing. Download the Lead Nurture How-To Handbook to start your journey toward lead nurture success.