March 21, 2019


Guided by expertise in digital engagement, marketing strategy, and brand identity, Marley is our go-to girl for all things digital. Marley leads both ESG’s own marketing and brand initiatives, as well as our Digital Customer Success practice. Using the power of automation, Marley and her team cultivate campaigns that build demand and improve customer adoption, retention, and value for both ESG and our clients.

Before joining ESG, Marley led marketing programs within startups, nonprofits, retail, and the arts. Her multi-industry experience has developed her unique approach, which combines a carefully crafted balance of both creativity and analytics to deliver tangible results.

A Minnesota native, Marley now calls the Mile High City home. In her free time, you can find her devouring true crime podcasts, traveling, or exploring the Rockies with her husband and their pup Luna.