You’ve got pain points in your Customer Success strategy. We know — we’ve been there. We’ll bring our nearly two decades of experience, ingenuity, agility, and flexibility to make sure your customers get the attention and resources they need to succeed.

We do it because we can help your organization address the dozens of items piling up on your to-do list. We can enable you to put processes into practice, make data-driven decisions, enhance CSAT and NPS scores, and reduce staffing challenges. All with the ultimate goal of higher retention and less churn.

We are Experienced.

Our teams are Customer Success Certified, actively participate in the CS community, and have the benefit of ESG’s nearly two decades of experience and knowledge in providing excellent customer experiences. Our teams work as part of customized client-specific programs that include virtual Customer Success Managers, Project Management, Inside Sales, Digital Customer Success, Data Analytics & Operations, Software Administration, Customer Marketing, and Customer Education, as well as support and guidance from our leadership team.

We are Domestic.

Our teams are domestic, and located in centers where your customers reside. We have centers in Cincinnati and Denver, along with international team members who support our global customers.

We Go Native.

Wherever your offices are located, the ESG team will soak up as much knowledge and culture from your company as we can – your product, data, processes, and systems. We want to know who your company is and what you care about.

In our virtual Customer Success Manager and Customer Education engagements, we badge ourselves as your employee, and leverage your preferred CS platform to build stronger customer relationships, streamline efficiency, and create better bottom lines.


What is Customer Success as a Service®?

Our services combine consultation, process development, people, and automation to increase the capabilities of your Customer Success organization. We take on the parts of your business that need a focused and results-driven approach that you may not be able to provide on your own today. We dig in to understand your customers, your data, your organization’s CS maturity, and your success criteria. We hire virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs), who are badged with your brand, dedicated to your account, and provide your customers with the highest degree of Customer Success excellence.

Your challenges are our strengths.

Wherever your gaps lie, that’s where ESG comes in. Whether you’re in the early stages of building your Customer Success organization and need help to create a strong foundation, have a a highly mature CS function and are looking to take the next step towards monetization, or are somewhere in between, we guide companies through it all. Whether you’re struggling to onboard and educate new customers quickly and effectively, need help implementing a tech-touch strategy to communicate with your install-base, have coverage gaps in reaching all of your customers, or just don’t have the right team in place today, we have in-house experts to take on those critical areas of your business.  Our customized programs are built to take on the strategic and tactical activities that will enable you to accomplish your ultimate goal of reduced churn and increased retention.


We get it right from the start.

Our people understand customers and truly care about providing the best possible experience. Our teams are local in Denver or Cincinnati (global presence available based on location) and will quickly become a vital part of your Customer Success organization. We don’t offshore or overtax our resources. At the beginning of our partnership together, we will create a comprehensive training and implementation plan that ensures our partnership has winning within our sights. We hire the best and are diligent about onboarding new employees, leveraging our implementation expertise to ensure we capture every critical detail about working with your business and your customers.

Your success is our success, and we play to win.

ESG’s ability to quickly and efficiently provide our clients and their customers with superior results centers around understanding your current organizational maturity through a Customer Success Maturity Assessment, then defining your success criteria and aligning our program and your roadmap to support it. Our goals are always directly aligned with your goals to ensure we stay focused. We are driven by winning and accomplishment and will bring that energy to your business.

Customer Success employees during a meeting

We’re passionate about helping companies grow and succeed through intelligent Customer Success strategies. Learn how we can work with your existing resources to address your pain points and drive growth.