About Our Customer Education Services

Educated customers are engaged customers. We make sure that customers are utilizing your education services so they are trained, educated, independent, and confident.

When customers use all the features and functionality your product or service has to offer, everyone wins. A great Customer Education strategy results in more education, higher rates of renewal, fewer support requests, more purchases, and increased product usage.

Sell More Training

If you have education tools and training courses to enrich your customers’ experience with your product or service, you need to ensure your customers are aware of and getting value from your offering. Our team of Inside Sales and Customer Success experts will work with you to sell more of those vital education resources to your customers. The more educated your customers, the more confident they’ll feel in using the product, and the greater the chance they’ll renew when the time comes. For nearly two decades, ESG has led the charge in outsourced training sales, marketing, and operations. We’re here to help you sell the educational tools your customers need with the goal of higher education revenue, full utilization, and renewal.

Unique Insights

Our team will work with your staff to ensure your customers have access to the education resources they need, when and where they need them. And we’ll track and improve key metrics like training attach rates, product usage rates, penetration rates, fill rates and number of certified users. ESG analytics and business intelligence services include sales tracking and reporting, consumption/usage monitoring, business forecasting, and more.

Build Demand for Your Education Services

Are you struggling to get your education and training offerings in front of the right audiences? ESG will use proven marketing strategies and solutions to drive lead generation and increase sales conversions. From targeted email campaigns to product-specific landing pages, our in-house marketing professionals can develop the collateral and build the digital presence that Education departments need more than ever in today’s digital world.

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When customers are educated, they purchase more and move through deployment faster.

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Properly trained customers have 135% higher product usage rates.

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Trained customers are two times more engaged than untrained customers.