Educated customers are engaged customers. We ensure that customers are utilizing your Education Services so they are trained, educated, independent, and confident.

When customers use all the features and functionality your product or service has to offer, everyone wins. A great Customer Education strategy results in more learning, higher rates of renewal, fewer support requests, more purchases, and increased product usage.

Sell More Training

ESG’s Customer Education Services are intended for companies that offer fee-based training or certifications to their end users. If your available training resources are not being fully utilized by your customers, our team brings additional visibility of these available options to your customer base.

ESG’s Customer Education teams consist of experts in Inside Sales, Customer Marketing, Data Analytics, and Operations. Like our virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs), team members are badged as your employees to proactively sell training courses, subscriptions, and certifications directly to your end users. Once they’ve successfully made the sale, our team takes a proactive approach to ensuring consumption of that training, blending our nearly two decades of experience in both Customer Success and Education Services.

The more educated your customers, the more confident they’ll feel using your product, and the greater the chance they’ll renew when the time comes. Our goals in Customer Education align with yours: increased revenue, product utilization, and renewal.

Learning Subscriptions:

Must Have, Must Use

As the subscription economy continues to grow, it’s no surprise that subscriptions have become overwhelmingly popular in Customer Education as well. Incorporating multiple training modalities into an ‘all-you-can-eat’ annual Learning Subscription is quickly becoming the gold standard in today’s marketplace.

But much like their SaaS subscription counterparts, renewal is critical to the long-term success of Learning Subscriptions. And in order to drive renewal, you can’t simply sell that subscription and hope for the best. ESG’s nearly two decades of experience in both Customer Success and Education Services uniquely positions our team to provide that post-sale consumption motion for Learning Subscriptions, encouraging usage and increasing the likelihood of renewal.

A Data-Driven Digital Approach

Not only does our team sell training and manage the consumption of it, but we support those motions with experts in Customer Marketing, Data Analytics, and Operations.

We build and deploy Customer Marketing campaigns that Education departments need to build the digital presence required in today’s world. Using proven marketing strategies within your install base of customers (rather than prospect-facing campaigns that most marketing teams are focused on), we drive lead generation and increase sales conversions.

We track and improve key metrics like training attach rates, product usage rates, penetration rates, and number of certified users. We provide sales tracking and reporting, consumption and usage monitoring, business forecasting, and more.

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When customers are educated, they purchase more and move through deployment faster.

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Properly trained customers have 135% higher product usage rates.

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Trained customers are two times more engaged than untrained customers.