[Webinar] What It Takes to Become a Customer-Led Growth Leader

We are stepping into the age of the customer and Chris Hicken, Co-Founder and CEO of Nuffsaid, believes Customer Success leaders must lead the charge. In this session, Chris will cover what Customer-Led Growth (CLG) is and explain the skills CS leaders need in this model.

Join us Thursday, January 27 at 1:30 PM ET

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[Webinar] The Two Sides to Driving Organizational Change

The ability to effectively manage through change is a critical skill for Customer Success leaders, and it must be done (and done well) in two unique areas. Long-time CS expert Ed Powers shares the key concepts required for effective change management. 

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BIG RYG Virtual Customer Success Conference

Ever wonder how to capitalize on the c-suite’s attention on CS? ESG CEO Michael Harnum shared tips for playing offense, embracing discomfort, and being resilient and relentless in executive communications and requests.

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[Webinar] Building a Renewals Practice Inside of Customer Success

ESG CEO Michael Harnum leads a conversation with real-world Customer Success practitioner Angela Han, Chief Customer Officer at Pluralsight.

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[Webinar] 2021 Customer Success Leadership Study Results Revealed

To help us continue to learn and grow, ChurnZero, ESG, and Higher Logic, invited Customer Success leaders to participate in a survey for the second year in a row, to share their experiences of where they fit within their organization and the influence they have. Marley Wagner moderates a conversation with ChurnZero’s Abby Hammer and Higher Logic/Gain Grow Retain’s Jay Nathan as they unpack this year’s findings.

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[Webinar] Executing a Design Workshop for your Digital Customer Communication

Megan Macaluso, Senior Director of Customer Success Strategy & Transformation at Convercent, discusses the design phase of a digital sequence for Customer Success. Megan shares her insights on who and what is needed to get started, how to build a foundation that will help you in the long run, and how to ensure you are being customer-centric throughout the process.

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MoT: Investing in Your People and Remembering Your Why

Our CEO, Michael Harnum, talks about why investing in your team is key to the success of your department and Customer Success programs on SuccessCoaching’s Moments of Truth series.

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[Webinar] Centers of Excellence in Customer Success

CS leaders (and CoE proponents) Carlos Quezada of Aruba Networks and Rigo Rodriguez of Pure Storage led this conversation about how and why they’re incorporating Centers of Excellence into their own Customer Success organizations.

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[Webinar] The Role of Human Capital Management in Customer Success

Human capital management (HCM) in Customer Success boils down to making your employees successful so they can make your customers successful. Maranda Dziekonski, Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly, will discusses being goal-oriented during the hiring process, the importance of strong onboarding and training, and everything else it takes to set up a thriving CS team.

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[Webinar] Change Management for Customer Success

ESG is launching a new webinar series: Customer Success Unlocked! To kick us off, Peter Armaly, Senior Director of Customer Success Enablement at Oracle, will discuss how Customer Success leaders and organizations can navigate through the ever-evolving business landscape. Armaly will dive into the internal challenges in front of CS and how to win critical allies to join in the mission. Hint: don’t just experience the change, manage it!

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[Webinar] Why High Touch & Tech Touch Should be Friends, Not Enemies

While high touch and tech touch are often pitted against each other, there is in fact a way to incorporate automation without losing that quality human interaction that we all know and love. Spoiler alert: humans and automation are most effective when used together.

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[Podcast] Why Customer Education and Customer Success are Really the Same Business

ESG CEO Michael Harnum walks through the overlap between Customer Education and Customer Success, and shares our maturity models for each on the CELab Podcast.

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The Customer Conference

ESG was a sponsor at this year’s Customer Conference, the leading international independent Customer Success event for tech companies that brings together Customer Success practitioners, experts, leaders, evangelists, and activists as well as SaaS savvy folks.

Watch Michael Harnum’s session: You Got the C-Suite’s Attention…Now What? 

Watch Sheik Ayube’s session: What is CSaaS?

2020: THAT’S A WRAP!

2020 was jam-packed with inspiring, impactful events. We’re proud to have shared our knowledge throughout the year.

[Webinar] Customer Success Leadership Study Results Revealed

ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations Megan Macaluso joined Higher Logic CCO Jay Nathan to share key takeaways from our Inaugural Customer Success Leadership Study. Hosted by ChurnZero. View the webinar on-demanddownload the presentation, or read the Q&A recap.

BIG RYG Customer Success Conference: Operationalizing Iteration & Continuous Improvement for CS

ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations Megan Macaluso presented at the first annual BIG RYG Customer Success Conference alongside speakers from ChurnZero, Gainsight, Pendo, G2, MailChimp, and Higher Logic. Watch her session or view all On-Demand sessions.

[Podcast] Helping Sells Radio Podstorm

ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations Megan Macaluso joins Helping Sells Radio host Bill Cushard for an experimental podstorm mini-series. They rant about work, including contact hoarding, adoption (and why it’s a fool’s errand), death by synergy, and budgets. Listen to Episode 1 or Episode 2

[Podcast] Creating Channel and Partner Success Programs

ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations Megan Macaluso discusses how to enable partners to be successful with Customer Imperative’s Jay Nathan. Hosted by the Gain Grow Retain: B2B SaaS Customer Success podcast. Listen to the episode

[Webinar] How Your Organization Can Achieve a Customer First Transformation

Moderated by Megan Macaluso, ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations with panelists Abby Hammer, Chief Customer Officer at ChurnZero and Robin van Lieshout, CEO & Co-Founder at inSided. Hosted by ChurnZero. Watch the recording

[Webinar] The Crisis of Confidence in Customer Success

Presented by ESG CEO Michael Harnum. Hosted by ClientSuccess. Watch the recording

[Webinar] How to Push Through Big Projects During the Slowdown

Presented by Megan Macaluso, ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations. Hosted by ClientSuccess. Watch the recording

[Podcast] Being a Team Matters

ESG CEO Michael Harnum sits down with Scott Webb of Kitchen Traffic to discuss what building, growing and managing a Customer Success team is like in 2020. Hosted by the Sharpen Your Knife podcast. Listen to the episode

[Webinar] Digital Customer Success Strategies to Drive User Adoption

Presented by Megan Macaluso, ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations. Hosted by ChurnZero. View the webinar on-demanddownload the presentation, or read the Q&A recap

[Webinar] Breaking Stereotypes – Building Scalable Customer Success Programs in non-SaaS Companies

Presented by Megan Macaluso, ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations and Ashley McIlwain, Lead Customer Success Manager at Essity. Hosted by Strikedeck. Access the recording or download the presentation

[Webinar] Why Customer Success Should Embrace Owning Revenue

Presented by Megan Macaluso, ESG VP of Customer Success & Operations and Mark Stoddard, VP of Sales & Marketing at ClientSuccess. View the recording