[Conference] AI + CS Summit

Peter Armaly presented at this year’s AI + CS Summit.

August 24, 2023

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[Conference] KAMCon 2023: Leadership Mindsets for KAM teams at KAMCon 2023

Peter Armaly presented at this year’s KAMCon on leadership mindsets.

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[Webinar] Signaller: Learn how to detect negative sentiment early to retain customers

Peter Armaly joined Joel Passen for The Signaller: Unhappy to discuss detecting negative sentiment with customers early.

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[Podcast] Path to Profit: From Struggling Startup to Rapid Growth in Revenue & Profit

ESG’s CEO, Michael Harnum, joined the Path to Profit podcast to talk about how he took ESG from a stable but stagnant company to a high-growth company with $10 million in top-line revenue and $3 million in bottom-line profits.

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[Workshop] RYG Workshop Austin

ESG is sponsoring ChurnZero’s Austin RYG Workshop – The best Customer Success workshop in one three-hour masterclass! Our very own Peter Armaly presented.

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[Webinar] 2023 in CS – Heaven or Hell?

Peter Armaly joined Philipp Wolf, Maranda Dziekonski, and Daphne Costa Lopez on Cusify’s webinar to debate CS industry expectations and predictions for the year ahead!

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[Webinar] 2022 Customer Success leadership study results revealed

Find out how you stack up against your peers when it comes to budgets, team structures, tech stacks, and more.

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[Podcast] Rebel Intrapreneur: Sheik Ayube is a wantrepreneur

Sheik Ayube joined Bill Cushard to talk about possibly being stuck between being an employee and wanting to be an entrepreneur. Sheik calls it a wantrapreneur.

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[Webinar] The Role of Customer Success Management in an Economic Recession

Peter Armaly joined Rick Adams, Jay Nathan, and Kristi Faltorusso to discuss what Customer Success can do during difficult times to help the business stay afloat.

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[Podcast] Establishing a CS Framework and Leading with Intelligence: Growth Stories Podcast

Peter Armaly joined Gaurav Bhattacharya to talk about establishing the framework for Customer Success.

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[Webinar] The CSM journey: how to carve your Customer Success career path

ESG partnered with ChurnZero for a special webinar with career advice from Peter Armaly.

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[Fireside Chat] The Journey from Defining the Voice of the Customer to Implementation

Peter Armaly joined FrogED to have a discussion focused on the business function of Customer Success, and how the CS role is dealing with constant changes in both the client and the internal company environment – answering the challenging question, how can we always keep it relevant?

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[Podcast] The Advanced Voice of Customer Program Blueprint

Peter Armaly joined Nuffsaid to kick off their new podcast series on Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs.

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[Coffee Bar Conversations] The Use Case for CS-as-a-Service

Rick Adams and Peter Armaly discussed what exactly ESG does, Customer Success as a Service.

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[Virtual Conference] Rocketlane Propel22

Peter Armaly presented at this year’s Propel. Propel is the world’s only conference for Customer Onboarding and Implementation professionals. Learn and engage with leaders and practitioners who’ve been in your shoes, faced the same challenges, and have overcome the same obstacles.

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[Webinar] Customer Success Leadership Roundtable: Educating Your Organization About the CS Mission

In this CS Leadership Roundtable, host Andrew Marks asked three top Customer Success leaders, including Peter Armaly, how they successfully evangelize the CS mission within their organizations.

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[Podcast] The 5 Stages of Digital Customer Success Maturity

In this episode, Marley Wagner, VP of Marketing & Digital Customer Success at ESG, shared her company’s sophisticated Digital Customer Success maturity framework. Marley walked through each stage of Digital CS maturity and covered everything from what it takes to lay the right foundations to implementing advanced digital communication channels.

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[Podcast] Path to Profit: From Struggling Startup to Rapid Growth in Revenue & Profit

Five years ago, ESG was stable. It was profitable, but it was not growing. When Michael Harnum first joined the company as CEO, his first order of business was to find out why. Since that fateful moment, ESG has gone from a struggling startup to a high-growth company with $10 million in top-line revenue and $3 million in bottom-line profits.

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2021: THAT’S A WRAP!

2021 was jam-packed with inspiring, impactful events. We’re proud to have shared our knowledge throughout the year.

[Virtual Trade Show] BIG RYG Virtual Customer Success Conference

Ever wonder how to capitalize on the c-suite’s attention on CS? ESG CEO Michael Harnum shared tips for playing offense, embracing discomfort, and being resilient and relentless in executive communications and requests.

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[Webinar] 2021 Customer Success Leadership Study Results Revealed

To help us continue to learn and grow, ChurnZero, ESG, and Higher Logic, invited Customer Success leaders to participate in a survey for the second year in a row, to share their experiences of where they fit within their organization and the influence they have. Marley Wagner moderates a conversation with ChurnZero’s Abby Hammer and Higher Logic/Gain Grow Retain’s Jay Nathan as they unpack this year’s findings.

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[Podcast] Moments of Truth: Investing in Your People and Remembering Your Why

Our CEO, Michael Harnum, talks about why investing in your team is key to the success of your department and Customer Success programs on SuccessCoaching’s Moments of Truth series.

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[Webinar] Why High Touch & Tech Touch Should be Friends, Not Enemies

While high touch and tech touch are often pitted against each other, there is in fact a way to incorporate automation without losing that quality human interaction that we all know and love. Spoiler alert: humans and automation are most effective when used together.

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[Podcast] Why Customer Education and Customer Success are Really the Same Business

ESG CEO Michael Harnum walks through the overlap between Customer Education and Customer Success, and shares our maturity models for each on the CELab Podcast.

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[Virtual Trade Show] The Customer Conference

ESG was a sponsor at this year’s Customer Conference, the leading international independent Customer Success event for tech companies that brings together Customer Success practitioners, experts, leaders, evangelists, and activists as well as SaaS savvy folks.

Watch Michael Harnum’s session: You Got the C-Suite’s Attention…Now What? 

Watch Sheik Ayube’s session: What is CSaaS?

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