ESG identifies specific areas of strength and growth opportunity for your business.

ESG improves your Customer Success maturity by quickly expanding your library of operational elements.

ESG fills customer coverage gaps and vCSMs provide best-in-class customer experience to your users.

ESG manages the sale and consumption of your training courses and subscriptions.



The ESG Customer Success Maturity Assessment was created to identify specific areas of strength and growth opportunity for your business. The assessment takes place during a two-to-four-hour deep dive session and consists of over 150 questions in 17 areas that are critical to build, operationalize, and transform your CS organization.

After the ESG advisory team reviews your responses, we’ll reconvene for a one-hour results session. You’ll walk away from that session with a comprehensive readout of where you stand today and specific guidance on how to improve maturity in each key area.

Maturity Assessments are provided for a one-time fee of $20,000.



ESG’s Customer Success Programs (CS Programs) are perfect for Customer Success organizations with low to medium levels of maturity, or those looking to quickly accelerate their capabilities in specific areas. CS teams that lack the expertise and/or resources to build or optimize processes, documentation, and customer-facing assets will quickly see their library of operational elements expand.

We’ll work together to clearly define and create outputs like journey maps, CSM playbooks, customer health formulas, tool deployment, and digital assets. Each CS Program is led by an ESG Program Manager, who will coordinate with the ESG team members whose skillsets best match each client’s needs. Teams are right-sized based on skillset and capacity.

Customer Success Programs range from $25,000 to $100,000 per month with a six-month minimum commitment. Pricing is driven by customer gaps & priorities, skillset & seniority required, velocity & speed desired, and level of effort & team size required.



ESG’s virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) are for companies with customer coverage gaps in specific segments of their customer base or phases of the customer journey, or who need an incubator to test out new strategies and processes before rolling them out to their entire CS team.

Our vCSMs badge themselves as your employee and leverage your preferred CS platform to build stronger customer relationships with your end users that drive your desired outcomes on KPIs like CX (CSAT, NPS), time to onboard, and churn and renewal rates.

Recommended alongside a Customer Success Program, but available independently. Virtual Customer Success Manager Services range from $120,000 to $180,000 annually (per vCSM) with a one-year minimum commitment. Pricing is driven by level of experience, level of team management, and team size required.



ESG’s Customer Education Services are intended for companies that offer fee-based training or certifications to their users. Our Education teams drive revenue and improve customer satisfaction and tool adoption by managing the sale and consumption of training courses, subscriptions, and certifications directly to your end users.

As ESG’s legacy service offering, our Education teams include experts in Inside Sales, Customer Marketing, Data Analytics, and Operations, bringing industry best practices to each client account. And like our virtual Customer Success Managers, our Education teams are badged as your employees to proactively communicate with your customers on your behalf.

Customer Education Services begin at $150,000 annually with a one-year minimum commitment and increase based on team size.

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