ESG’s virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) fill customer coverage gaps and serve as incubators to test out new strategies and processes before rolling them out to their entire CS team. Our vCSMs, supported by ESG’s team of CS experts, deliver a seamless customer experience that identifies customer needs, provides proactive outreach, and exceeds expectations.

Customer Coverage that Makes a Difference

You’ve seen this statistic — 20% of your customers get 80% of your attention. Scaling your Customer Success team to staff enough CSMs in-house to cover every single one of your customers is certainly difficult and maybe impossible. If you have these gaps in specific segments of your customer base (like most companies do) – that’s where our virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) come in. No more reactive customer service for your SMB accounts.

ESG’s proven approach to managing customers brings the necessary focus to those valuable customer segments while maintaining coverage of high-revenue customers. Our vCSMs are badged as your employees and proactively manage your customer base for retention and expansion, resulting in reduced churn, higher NPS, and more customer advocates.

No need to increase your headcount — our team of experts can manage any of the crucial steps in the customer lifecycle to fill coverage gaps or incubate new processes from our offices in Cincinnati and Denver.

Scale with Automation

One of the biggest challenges facing Customer Success leaders is how to effectively scale. We enable our clients to scale by augmenting their existing teams with both vCSMs and automation. By thoughtfully layering digital on top of one-to-one CSM and vCSM interactions, we save you time and money.

We view high-touch and tech-touch engagement models as equal partners in an all-encompassing Customer Success strategy, and have a knack for striking the perfect balance to maintain a consistent customer experience. Our vCSMs lean on the expertise of our digital and marketing experts to automate workflows for basic or administrative tasks and messages on their behalf, while they focus on more strategic conversations with customers. This combination of automation and human interaction creates the ideal strategy for communicating with the right customers at the right time.

We’ll leverage your preferred Customer Success technology platform (and help you select one if you’re in the market) to automate messaging, gather the feedback and data points that matter, provide valuable insights to your business, and create better experiences for your customers.

Solutions for Every Stage of the Lifecycle

Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences at every stage of the customer lifecycle, just like you and your CS team. But sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day, and CSMs are forced to pick and choose how their time is spent.

Maybe that means your onboarding process isn’t as thorough as it should be to truly get your users up to speed, or your sales team is killing it and signing tons of new deals, so your backlog of accounts to onboard is miles long. A great onboarding experience is linked to high Activation Rates and quick Time to Value, and is a primary predictor of churn. By facilitating an effective onboarding, ESG helps companies reduce their churn rates and increase recurring revenue.

Our team of virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) takes on this complex process on your company’s behalf, ensuring a smooth handoff from sales, welcoming your new customers and assisting them in the set-up, installation, and configuration of your product or service, defining milestones, and enabling your users to be independent.

Or maybe you’ve got onboarding down pat, but don’t yet have a solid process in place to prepare customers as renewal time approaches. We view renewals as a result of strong Customer Success throughout the lifecycle, rather than as a discreet sales event. But, that doesn’t mean that prepping for that renewal can be ignored.

Wherever renewal responsibility falls within your business, our vCSMs act as a catalyst to drive renewal success. They begin well before the contract expiration date, getting the ear and the trust of your customers. They predispose a customer toward renewal by constantly spotlighting the value being realized from your solution and prime the pumps for adding additional features, products, or services during the renewal, regardless of who’s processing that paperwork.

Virtual Customer Success Manager Services range from $120,000 to $180,000 annually (per vCSM) with a one-year minimum commitment. Pricing is driven by level of experience, level of team management, and team size required.

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A moderate increase in customer experience generates an average revenue increase of $823 million over three years for a company with $1 billion in annual revenues. ESG’s vCSMs can accelerate that improvement to drive revenue.

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86% of buyers will pay more for a better brand experience, but only 1% feel that vendors consistently meet expectations. ESG’s virtual Customer Success Managers fill those gaps in experience.

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Only 29% of companies rate their digital experiences as ‘good’ or ‘very good,’ a significantly lower percentage than for either in-person experiences (40%) or phone experiences (61%). By utilizing ESG’s unique combination of vCSMs and automation, those experiences improve and become more consistent.