Real results from real ESG clients

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Global $3B Networking company, undergoing SaaS transformation

The Challenge:

A significant SaaS transformation within this Global Enterprise Software company led them to a new need to create a Customer Success program. Building a successful and scalable CS program from scratch is no easy feat – it’s a huge undertaking to develop processes and people where none existed before and to begin to engage and delight customers. So they turned to ESG for thought leadership and guidance.

The Solution:

ESG has led the implementation of a Customer Success platform, developed scalable processes, managed a CS MVP, hired and trained virtual Customer Success Managers to personally connect with end users on behalf of our partner, and even shared the stage with them at industry events. By supporting the build out of their CS program from its inception, we’ve played a role in everything from strategy to tactical projects, shortening the time between recognizing the need for CS and the ability to begin connecting with their end users and guiding them through the customer journey. Read more in the case study.

The Outcomes:

  • 10X improvement in CS maturity
  • 20-point reduction in customer churn
  • 44% reduction in cost of CS delivery
  • 40% increase in net retention

Global $2.5B Contact Center software company, on a journey to the cloud

The Challenge:

Prior to partnering with ESG, many of this company’s end users were not fully trained on their platforms, and therefore not experiencing the full value of their products. Many of their customers weren’t even aware that formal training was available to them, let alone taking advantage of those learning opportunities.

The Solution:

ESG has implemented industry-leading processes in Digital Customer Communication, Education Sales and Operations. Our team has boosted awareness of learning opportunities within this tech leader’s customer base, and significantly increased their number of trained and certified customers, which studies show leads to higher product usage rates and renewal rates.

The Outcomes:

  • 3,300+ upsell opportunities with existing customers
  • $1M+ per quarter in upsell revenue
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Rapidly growing enterprise Human Resources software company

The Challenge:

This new software company simply couldn’t keep up with their rapid growth, resulting in a backlog of new customer implementations and a need for additional process development.

The Solution:

ESG manages new customer onboarding, data collection, project management, training, platform customization, and ticket escalation with platform end-users.


  • Time to Onboard shortened 36%
  • 20% reduction in post-go-live support tickets
  • Current implementation capacity increased 70%

We know that every Customer Success organization has its own set of priorities, so we align our work with your success criteria, metrics, and goals to deliver measurable and impactful results. The list of KPIs we measure and improve for customers is extensive, but regardless of the metrics that matter most to your organization, ESG is committed to using our 18 years of expertise to support those initiatives.

We move the needle on leading indicators, like shortening time to onboard and time to value, decreasing cost to serve, improving adoption rate and customer coverage, and enhancing CSAT and NPS scores. These key KPIs then lead to increases in customer referrals, recurring revenue, logo and revenue growth, and most critically, net retention.

We’re committed to exceeding goals and improving KPIs, but the value that ESG brings goes beyond those results alone – we build strong, lasting relationships with our customers and their end users, and bring a level of excellence to everything we do.