We know that every Customer Success organization has its own set of priorities, so we align our work with your success criteria, metrics, and goals to deliver measurable and impactful results. The list of KPIs we measure and improve for customers is extensive – Time to Value, Adoption Rate, Product Utilization, Customer Satisfaction, Churn Rate, NPS, and on the list goes. Regardless of the metrics that matter most to your organization, ESG is committed to using our 17 years of expertise to support those initiatives.

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Global $2.5B Contact Center Software Company, undergoing Cloud transformation

Customer Success Maturity: Phase 2-3 “storming-norming”
Partnership Method: Optimization
Scope: Digital Customer Success including bi-monthly emails, content and collateral development, global Education sales and operations.
Outcomes: Increased revenue, ability to focus internal resources on high priority Education sales, improved customer adoption.

Rapidly growing customer success automation SaaS company

Customer Success Maturity: Phase 4 “performing”
Partnership Method: Optimization
Scope: Onboarding new ESG clients. Project management, data transfer, customization, ticket escalation.
Outcomes: Driving time to value, creation of new documentation, clearer alignment with customer needs.

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Global $3B Software company, SaaS transformation

Customer Success Maturity: Phase 1-2 “Forming”
Partnership Method: Strategy and Execution
Scope: A significant SaaS transformation within this Global Enterprise Software company led them to a new need to create a Customer Success program. Building a successful and scalable CS program from scratch is no easy feat – it’s a huge undertaking to develop processes and people where none existed before and to begin to engage and delight customers. So they turned to ESG for thought leadership and guidance.
Outcomes: ESG has led the implementation of a Customer Success platform, developed scalable processes, and hired and trained virtual Customer Success Managers to personally connect with end users on behalf of our new partner. By supporting the build out of their CS program from its inception, we’ve played a role in everything from strategy to tactical projects, shortening the time between recognizing the need for CS and the ability to begin connecting with their end users and guiding them through the customer journey.

Rapidly growing enterprise software solution company

Customer Success Maturity: Phase 1-2 “forming” – “storming”
Partnership Method: Optimization
Scope: On-boarding of new customers – Data collection, project management, training, customization, ticket escalation.
Outcomes: Increased Time to Value, Increased Client Satisfaction, Improved processes. Other Implementation Specialists able to focus on larger and more strategic accounts.

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Global company undergoing SaaS transformation – IoT and AR products

Customer Success Maturity: Phase 4 “performing”
Partnership Method: Optimization
Scope: Onboarding new North American customers – Co-ordination of resources to support clients, capturing key data points, Adoption monitoring, ongoing touchpoints.
Outcomes: Insights to the improvement of process, ability to move key resources to other work, measuring customer readiness, improved handoff process, improved customer adoption.

We’re committed to exceeding goals and improving KPIs, but the value that ESG brings goes beyond those results alone – we provide valuable insights to your Customer Success organization and to departments throughout your company. Our virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) develop a deep understanding of each end user’s experience with your product, then report that information back into the organization. Through communication with your end users, our vCSMS can share vital information like customer feature feedback and requests with your product team, common bugs with support, customer testimonials with marketing, and referenceable clients with sales.