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Webinar Archive

Retaining and Growing Customers in the Landscape of the 2024 World
You Mon Tsang, CEO of ChurnZero
Michael Harnum, CEO of ESG

Did Totango and Catalyst just amp up Customer Success?
Edward Chiu, CEO, Catalyst, and Michael Harnum, CEO, ESG

Causality is an Accelerant to Success Improve Your Ability to Explain Root Cause for Things Like Churn and Advocacy
Stephen Streich, Group Vice President Product, Oracle Marketing, and Mark Stouse Chairman and CEO, Proof Analytics

Seeking Simplicity in the Mess of Complexity
Kelly McMahon Hall, Vice President Solutions and Customer Success Acceleration, Cisco, and Sara Bochino, Vice President of Customer Success Management, SMB, US Bank

Tackling the Hard Things about Hard Things
Edward Chiu, CEO, Catalyst

What can a CMO tell Customer Success about customer value? Apparently, a great deal.
Anthony Kennada, Co-CEO and Founder, AudiencePlus

Communities are at the heart of the human experience – they should be at the heart of Customer Success too
Jeff Breunsbach, Director of Marketing, HigherLogic

Hey Customer Success, should you take the high road and work yourself out of a job?
Denise Stokowski, Group VP of Platform and PX Products, Gainsight, and Bill Cushard, Head of Sales, Dragonboat

Digital Customer Success and CS at Scale are Experiencing a Renaissance
Sarah Hums, Senior Director of CS, Klaviyo, Angeline Gavino, VP of CS & Sipport, Katalon, and Madeline Evans, CS Ops Manager, ESG

The Multi-Dimensional Perspectives and Cross-Organizational Responsibilities of a CCO
Candace Wallace, CCO, Relias

The Best Customer Engagement Programs are Programmed, Measured, and Human
Abheesh Dinavahi, Vice President of Customer Success, Signeasy

Can Customer Success Ignite a Company Transformation?
Lara Barnes, Global Vice President of Customer Success and Renewals, Sitecore

Is CS the Next Frontier of AI? 
Joel Passen, CRO and Co-Founder, Sturdy

Dark Matter Data and AI-Driven Innovation: the Future is Here
Lisa Palmer, Chief AI Strategist, AI Leaders

Divining Coherence in the Noise of Customer Data and the Explosion of Technologies
Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem of HubSpot
Mark Stouse, Chairman & CEO of Proof

The Economy & Customer Success – The Impact & What to Do About It
Chris Hicken, CEO, ’nuffsaid
You Mon Tsang, CEO, ChurnZero
Alex Raymond, CEO, Kapta

Using Voice of the Customer to Increase Customer Retention
Anita Toth, Chief Churn Crusher

The Post-Sale Ecosystem
Chris Singh, Chief Customer Officer, Blackbaud

Partner Success: The New Frontier
Star Hofer, Chief Customer Officer, Partnerstack
Carlos Quezada, Head of Digital Services Strategy & Customer Success, Aruba

Demystifying Customer Success from the Board’s Eye View
Joanel Bernardo, VP of Customer Success at Sunstone Partners

You Already Have a Customer Community – Are You Cultivating It?
Jay Nathan, Chief Customer Officer, Higher Logic & Co-Founder, Gain Grow Retain

How Healthy is Your Health Score?
David Sakamoto, Vice President of Customer Success, Gitlab
Neal McCoy, Vice President of Professional Services, BigCommerce

The Path to Advocacy at Scale
Sara Bochino, Vice President of Customer Success, talech
Ari Hoffman, Global Director of Customer Advocacy, Crowdvocate
Megan Macaluso, Sr. Director of Customer Success Strategy, Convercent

Nurturing Employees in Customer Success
Guest Host Peter Armaly, Vice President of Customer Success, ESG
Jim Mercer, Global Head of Customer Success, Zoom
Perry Monaco, Head of SMB & Scaled Customer Success, LinkedIn

What It Takes to Become a Customer-Led Growth Leader
Chris Hicken, Co-Founder and CEO, Nuffsaid

The Two Sides to Driving Organizational Change
Ed Powers, Customer Success Expert

Building a Renewals Practice Inside of Customer Success
Guest Host Michael Harnum, CEO, ESG
Angela Han, Chief Customer Officer, Pluralsight

Executing a Design Workshop for your Digital Customer Communication
Megan Macaluso, Senior Director of Customer Success Strategy & Transformation, Convercent

Centers of Excellence in Customer Success
Carlos Quezada, Head of Digital Services Strategy & Customer Success, Aruba Networks
Rigo Rodriguez, Senior Director of Global Customer Success, Pure Storage

The Role of Human Capital Management in Customer Success
Maranda Dziekonski, Chief Customer Officer, Swiftly

Change Management for Customer Success
Peter Armaly, Senior Director of Customer Success Enablement, Oracle