Did Totango and Catalyst just amp up Customer Success?


Edward Chiu
Catalyst Software

 Michael Harnum

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Two Customer Success Platforms walk into a bar…

By now, you’ve likely heard about the merger of Totango and Catalyst. It caught many in the Customer Success community by surprise despite the long-running predictions of some analysts for consolidation in the Customer Success Platform space.

Since we partner with both companies, we were pleased to see that the announcement was met with almost universal applause in the business world. We think some of the excitement is because the merger signals an acknowledgment that Customer Success has a significantly larger role to play in the Go-To-Market and revenue pursuit story for most companies. We’ve been advocating for that for a long time and so we’re very curious to see how things will roll in the combined company.

And so, to probe that revenue topic a bit, Peter Armaly, VP of Customer Success with ESG, thought it made sense to invite Edward Chiu, CEO of Catalyst, to return to the show and join him in a conversation with Michael Harnum, CEO of ESG.

Watch the Recording!