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Case study: ESG helps Global SaaS Company

We’re thrilled to partner with a Global $3B Software company to help build out their brand new Customer Success program. Business challenges A significant SaaS transformation within this Global Enterprise Software company led them to a new need to create a Customer Success program. Building a successful and scalable CS program from scratch is no […]


Case study: ESG helps VMWare

Business challenges Demand for revenue growth Clients that leverage the robust training and education that VMWare offers are happier and more likely to renew. To ensure customers take recommended training, VMware offers Training Credits as well as Professional Services Credits (PSO Credits) which can help cover customer training expenses. Without someone proactively managing consumption, PSO […]


Case study: ESG helps Marketo break training revenue records

Business challenge Growing demand & revenue for Customer Education Marketo University has long been the most reliable training resource for Marketo customers. As training offerings expanded in 2013 and 2014, the University Team needed a new approach to effectively market and sell a variety of education services. However, internal Marketo Sales and Customer Marketing resources […]