Customer Profile: Health + Hygiene Undergoing Tech Transformation

August 22, 2019

ESG Customer Success

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Gone are the days when only born in the cloud SaaS companies had Customer Success teams. As the subscription economy continues to spread far and wide, even commodities companies are thinking about how to move to a subscription model, and in turn, how to keep their customers happy and successful.

Making that shift is certainly no easy feat – breaking old habits, thinking outside the box, and treading into the unknown can stop even the most tenured professionals dead in their tracks. That’s where ESG comes in.

ESG began a partnership with a global leader in the hygiene and health industry in mid-2018. Since then, we’ve entered Phase 2 and Phase 3 of our deployment of Customer Success as a Service, growing our team and our footprint not just once, but twice.

The Challenge:

Historically a commodities company, our client faced the unknown when developing hardware and software to complement their existing product offering. They were up for the challenge and their new products have been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the market. The products have been launched, their salespeople are hard at work acquiring customers, but then what? Leadership knew they needed to implement a Customer Success practice, but they didn’t have the expertise or resources to do it on their own in a scalable manner.

The Solution:

ESG has created and executed scalable processes through a balance of one-to-one CSM interaction and automated Tech Touch communication that guides customers through their journey with our client’s new tech offerings. Our team has led the implementation of a Customer Success platform, created customer journey maps, and enabled the client to move from a manual, one-to-one CS model, to a scalable model that incorporates automation and provides feedback to the organization at large.

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