Impact Areas

for Technology Partners


Increase Sales Conversion Rates

Onboarding & Implementation

Improve Time to Value, Time to Onboard, & Adoption Rates

Usage & Run-State

Increase Product Usage, improve Retention & Revenue Growth



Do you have prospects that want to work with you, but are simply not ready yet?

They still need some education on the basics of Customer Success, and your sales model isn’t set up for the time commitment required to get them ready to buy.

Rather than turning away this traditionally ‘hard to sell’ group, ESG helps them develop the building blocks required to be successful in your tool, putting the platform at the center of their long-term roadmap.

In this scenario, we will exclusively recommend your tool to maintain partner integrity throughout the process.


Are you selling new customers faster than you can scale your implementation team?

Onboarding is arguably the most critical phase of the customer lifecycle and getting this wrong will have long-term negative impacts.

Rather than compromising the integrity of this critical phase or leveraging an implementation partner who does not truly understand Customer Success, ESG steps in as the consultative implementation partner you need.

We can engage as a best-practice third party– OR – badge ourselves as your company, providing a seamless customer experience.



Do you have customers with more complex needs than technology alone can solve, or that need help using your tool to its full potential?

Are customers asking, ‘what’s next?’ and ‘how can you take me to the next level?’

Rather than letting those customer needs go unmet, ESG helps optimize product usage and drives maximum value to your customers as they seek to solve complex problems in their environment.

We can customize and optimize your customers’ instance by collecting requirements and building playbooks, dashboards, reporting, digital communication workflows and content, health scores, customer journeys, and more.

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