Customer Profile: ESG Expands Relationship with Major Tech Company

May 31, 2019

ESG Customer Success

Category: Case Study


We take great pride in the work that our teams do to help our clients achieve their goals, and nothing makes us prouder than seeing that work result in growing those partnerships. ESG began a partnership with a global customer experience and call center technology company in 2018. In 2019, we’ve expanded that relationship!

The Challenges:

Prior to partnering with ESG, many of this company’s end users were not fully trained on their platforms, and therefore not experiencing the full value of their products. Many of their customers weren’t even aware that formal training was available to them, let alone taking advantage of those learning opportunities.  

The Solution:

ESG has implemented industry-leading processes in Digital Customer Communication, Education Sales and Operations. Our team has boosted awareness of learning opportunities within this tech leader’s customer base, and significantly increased their number of trained and certified customers, which studies show leads to higher product usage rates and renewal rates.

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