The Path to Advocacy at Scale

Sara Bochino
Vice President of Customer Success, talech
Ari Hoffman
Global Director of Customer Advocacy, Crowdvocate
Megan Macaluso
Sr. Director of Customer Success Strategy, Convercent
Customer advocacy is often heralded as the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” for Customer Success organizations. Advocates help businesses build loyalty, improve customer satisfaction and retention, expand brand awareness, and increase new customer acquisition. But many businesses rely exclusively on the personal relationships between Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and top-tier customers to identify and cultivate advocates. In this session, our panel will discuss how to branch out of this narrow group of potential advocates into customers within scaled or digital segments or business models, and how to effectively build a digital program from the ground up to get you there. Sara Bochino, Ari Hoffman, and Megan Macaluso will join co-hosts Marley Wagner and Peter Armaly to share their unique perspectives from different milestones along the journey to creating advocacy at scale.

Join us Wednesday, March 30 at  1 PM EST

Panel Moderators

Peter Armaly
Vice President of Customer Success, ESG
Marley Wagner
Vice President of Marketing & Digital Customer Success, ESG

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