Digital Customer Success and CS at Scale are Experiencing a Renaissance

Sarah Hums
Senior Director, Customer Success at Scale, Klavio

Angeline Gavino
Vice President of Customer Success & Support, Katalon
Madeline Evans
Customer Success Operations Manager, ESG

Digital Customer Success and Customer Success at Scale are experiencing a renaissance. What? Did they say Renaissance? Isn’t scaling Customer Success through digital technology a new thing? Hasn’t it just become a viable method for customer engagement over the last three years, as a consequence of the virtual work we all had to conduct during the pandemic?

In a word, no.

Learn from three practitioners who have been honing their digital CS craft by building out teams, functions, and capabilities for years. And in the case of one of the panelists, for well over a decade. They’ve all managed to build out the full promise of Digital CS, which delivers value not just for customers and the Customer Success organization, but for CS’ peer organizations too – Product, Sales, Support, and Marketing.

Sarah Hums of Klaviyo, Angeline Gavino of Katalon, and ESG’s own Madeline Evans joined Peter Armaly to talk about this critical topic.

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