Retaining and Growing Customers in the Landscape of the 2024 World


You Mon Tsang

 Michael Harnum

There’s been a lot of gloom in the popular press (i.e. mainly, LinkedIn click baiters) about Customer Success and whether it’ll live on as a viable business function. Sure, there are a lot of examples of companies that have made the decision to blow up, or significantly scale back, their CS orgs. But all it takes is a bit of logic and a step back to question the wisdom of such decisions and to recognize the bigger picture. Say you eliminate Customer Success. Then what? How are you going to ensure that your customers find enough success with your products that they turn around and make sound decisions to renew and expand?

Right, that’s what we thought too. It’s not easy to answer.

Come to our webinar on Wednesday, May 22 from 11am – 12 noon ET to hear a conversation about this important topic and more between You Mon Tsang, CEO of ChurnZero and Michael Harnum, CEO of ESG. These two seasoned pros will dive deeper into the industry trends they see that are combining to drive heightened scrutiny on the performance of business, in general, and on not just Customer Success, but on all organizations. They’ll discuss the negatives of the recent past and the positives of the near future. You should walk away from this webinar with a broader and deeper appreciation for the forces at play and how clever executives are attempting to navigate significant change while keeping their eyes on the main goal – retaining and growing customers over time.

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