Nurturing Employee Success in Customer Success

Peter Armaly
VP of Customer Success, ESG (Guest Host)

Jim Mercer
Global Head of Customer Success, Zoom
Perry Monaco
Head of SMB & Scaled Customer Success, LinkedIn

We all know that employee success and employee wellbeing are near the top of the list of hot topics in business today. What if CS leaders could go beyond the sincere expression and demonstration of empathy in their interactions with employees? What if they focused, too, on ensuring that employees were enabled in the best way to do their best work? What if leaders strove to establish highly effective programs, processes, and programmatic leveraging of technology so that employees could do work that makes sense, that helps employees gain a stronger sense they are positively impacting the organizational mission, and that how they work helps them feel more accomplished and productive? In this session, you’ll hear from three leaders who have experience in creating those very things to improve the culture of your organization.

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