Divining Coherence in the Noise of Customer Data and the Explosion of Technologies

Scott Brinker
VP of Platform Ecosystem
  Mark Stouse
Chairman & CEO
There’s endless talk about protecting revenue from existing customers and how that cohort tantalizingly represents enormous growth opportunities for companies. But there’s a complicated catch. It’ll only work if customers can be convinced you’re the right ongoing partner with the right solutions for their evolving business. The secret may lie in human nature (connection with others) and math (proving that our hunches are true). The desire to measure and prove we can predict outcomes from human behavior is nothing new. What’s new are the wide awareness and acceptance in the business world that achieving that capability could be a powerful growth engine for companies and that the discipline of generating insights from customer intelligence (especially through new technologies, often from the marketing space) is increasingly seen as a core business requirement.

During this session, co-hosts Marley Wagner and Peter Armaly were joined by Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and Editor of chiefmartec.com, and Mark Stouse, Chairman and CEO of Proof. We covered the complex relationship and many practical interconnections between Customer Success and Marketing, and what that means for retaining and growing your current customer base.

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