The Post-Sale Ecosystem

Chris Singh
Chief Customer Officer


The crescendo is getting louder around the notion that true Customer Success lies in the ability of a company to marshal all its forces towards the delivery of a customer’s desired outcomes. There seems to be general agreement in the Customer Success community that the CS organization cannot do it alone. We agree! But beneath the community’s belief, there seems to be a massive amount of doubt and wonder about just how that can be accomplished.

In this Customer Success Unlocked session, Chris Singh, Chief Customer Officer of Blackbaud, joined our own Peter Armaly to discuss how to embrace the concept of the post-sale environment as an entire ecosystem, complete with multi-faceted departments, specializations, and expertise – all necessary to bring those ultimately desired outcomes to your customers. Chris has ample knowledge of how that concept can be realized, because he’s lived it. He currently leads this effort at Blackbaud, and did the same previously at SAP, where he spent nearly 20 years in various leadership roles in the post-sales world.

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