What can a CMO tell Customer Success about customer value? Apparently, a great deal.

Anthony Kennada 
Co-CEO and Founder of AudiencePlus


Customer Marketing is a hot topic in the world of Customer Success. As with most other topics, this one has a hundred hot takes.

Why not hear a take from someone who has the unique perspective of being an executive marketer who has spent years working in a customer success world?

Anthony Kennada is the Co-CEO and Founder of AudiencePlus, a first-of-its-kind software platform for owned media that enables marketing teams to build, engage, and monetize their audience. He was also Gainsight’s first Chief Marketing Officer from 2013 to 2019 as that company found huge success and reached escape velocity.

Please join us on Wednesday September 27 at 12pm EDT as Peter Armaly interviews Anthony. They’ll be discussing:

  • How Customer Success evolved during the time of Gainsight’s significant growth
  • How marketing principles and methods offer pathways for Customer Success to successfully scale in the way they dream about
  • How cross-organizational alignment is possible and is not a concern exclusive to Customer Success
  • How Customer Success leaders should learn lessons from their Marketing peers when it comes to tracking and measuring effort and in making the case for expanded investment


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