Most Customer Success organizations fall into one of two camps: Customer Success consulting or staff augmentation. ESG is built differently. Our mission is to provide expert Customer Success solutions to professionals and assist them in creating a valuable experience for their end-users, from Onboarding to Renewal.

Customer Success Consulting Experts to Steer the Ship

Our Customer Success experts take a holistic look at your business and develop solutions to assist you in reaching your goals. See marked improvement in your Adoption and Usage rates, enjoy the benefits of reduced churn, and help your customers achieve quicker Time to Value with our proven strategies and solutions.

Your business benefits from our nearly 20 years of expertise and experience in the Customer Success space. We’ll craft a unique approach to growing your business. As a true partner, we’ll flex our expertise around issues that arise before they become big problems for your business.

After the sale, subscription-based businesses are built to drive revenue in a low-friction way for both the customer and the business. But if your strategies aren’t customer-first, you may spend years trapped in a cycle of high churn and constant acquisition. ESG’s experts are here to develop Customer Success strategies that work to keep your costs down, empower your customers, and boost your bottom line.

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Virtual Customer Success Managers to Empower Your Customers

Staff augmentation businesses promise to deliver Customer Success professionals who will make an impact on your bottom line. But the fact is, if whoever is handling your company’s Onboarding or Digital Customer Success isn’t an expert on your business, your customers will not be fooled — and your renewal rates could suffer.

That’s where ESG’s fresh, comprehensive approach to Customer Success comes in. Our virtual Customer Success Managers are fanatic about your customers’ success, and they fully immerse themselves in the details of your business to provide the end-users with the best possible experience. We are as passionate about crafting solutions to vastly improve key metrics like your churn rate as we are about executing on your business’s goals directly.

We know that Customer Success is the revenue-driver of the future, and we want to share our knowledge with you. Explore our resources, articles, and whitepapers.

Our Knowledge
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A well-crafted Digital Customer Success strategy can dramatically improve churn rate and lead to higher renewals.

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A positive Onboarding experience leads to significantly faster Time to Value for your end-users. 

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Customer Lifetime Value improves significantly with proactive Customer Success approaches.