About Our Digital Customer Success Services

Customer Success is a one-to-one conversation, and by adding automation into that personal touch, we’re able to make sure that customers stay informed about everything that is happening with your company.

Get In Touch

Maintaining contact with your customer base is crucial — and one email a quarter isn’t going to cut it. Our team is here to help develop a fully customized digital Customer Success approach that leverages proven Tech Touch strategies. We use a combination of Automated Customer Success software and human interaction to craft the best possible strategy for communicating with the right customers at the right time.

Tech Touch Strategies for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

When you get proactive about customer communication, it shows in your bottom line. Only about 4% of dissatisfied customers will reach out and complain, a fact that makes frequent and regular check-ins all too necessary to maintain your business’s health. Whether you’re onboarding new customers, working to cross-sell a product to existing customers, attempting to convert free or trial users to paid customers, or encouraging advocacy in your highly satisfied customers, a Tech Touch strategy can have an extremely positive impact on your Customer Success program.

Our in-house marketing team will craft workflows and email campaigns that support your larger Customer Success initiatives. We’ve got the expertise to manage anything client-facing, from company communication to lead generation to survey distribution. We’ll assist you in establishing the perfect cadence of communication, and we’ll use our years of experience to help segment your customer base to maximize efficiency in your digital communication.

New Product Announcements

Existing customers are more likely to make additional purchases from your business. If you’ve got an exciting new product or service offering rolling out, a robust and engaging Tech Touch strategy can help in adoption, usage, and overall Customer Success.

Additionally, when customers are well informed about updates to existing software or products, they’ll be more comfortable with renewal when the time comes.

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Frequent customer touchpoints result in vital data insights that will improve customer health and increase sales.

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Existing customers will spend more — 67% more — on your business than new customers will.

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A well-crafted Tech Touch strategy can result in reduced churn and higher renewal rates.