About Our Onboarding Services

The onboarding experience is a primary predictor of churn. By facilitating an effective onboarding, ESG helps companies reduce their churn rates and make more money.

Optimizing your onboarding processes is your company’s critical first step in reducing churn, increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and turning prospects into promoters of your product or service. Our team of Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) takes on this complex process on your company’s behalf, ensuring a smooth handoff from sales, running implementations, defining milestones, and providing tools for Customer Success.

Sales Handoff and Implementation

Our team of Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) takes the baton from your sales team, and we’re off. In this stage, our highly qualified team will welcome your new customers and assist them in set-up, installation, and configuration of your product or service. No need to increase your headcount — our team of experts manages this crucial step of onboarding from our offices.

Defining Milestones and
Providing Tools for Success

When your new customers have completed implementation, our team will assist them in defining milestones for product or service usage. When your customers understand the path forward in using a product and set goals related to its usage, you’ll see higher usage rates and faster Time to Value. Our experts will also walk your new customers through the various tools available to them in order to reach these goals.

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A positive customer onboarding experience leads to higher Activation Rates and quick Time to Value.

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Most revenue comes from existing customers — a positive onboarding experience is crucial in reducing churn and driving renewals.

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Word-of-mouth communication is the single-best source of referrals for businesses. Your customers can become your biggest advocates, and it all starts with a great onboarding experience.