Customer Health Scores – diss them if you will but they’re a critical component of a data-driven CS practice


 Tim Cruz
Vice President of Customer Success

 Justin Garlock
Senior Customer Success Analyst

Having a healthy relationship with customers is critical for software renewals. Understanding a customer health scorecard can help you achieve that.” – Gartner

2022 and 2023 showed that customer retention is really hard. In a recent Gartner Digital Markets’ survey on software buying trends, 75% of businesses said they evaluate alternatives before renewing a technology contract, while only 4% do not. When you look at your customer base, do you know which customers are feeling good enough about their relationship with your company and their ability to derive value from their investment with you that they would not be in that 75%?

For the next ESG Customer Success Unlocked webinar, we’ve invited two deep thinkers and seasoned experts to join in a conversation about health scores with Peter Armaly, VP of Customer Success at ESG.

  • Tim Cruz is the Vice President of Customer Success at Addigy, the provider of the only cloud-based Apple device management solution that makes it easy to manage your Apple devices in real time
  • Justin Garlock, is our beloved ESG colleague who happens to knock it out of the park for clients each day as a Senior Customer Success Analyst

It seems to be popular in Customer Success influencer land to criticize health scores. We’ve seen their words and phrases… “useless”, “biased”, and “obsolete as soon as they’re turned on”. And we’re here to tell you that those are accurate statements… for health scores that are poorly built and maintained.

Join us for our webinar on Tuesday, January 16, at 12 noon Eastern Time. Attendees will hear the three guys geek out about the intent, the promise, the mechanics, and the science and proof of health scoring and why, despite all the trash talk, health scores should be at the core of a sophisticated, and data-driven Customer Success practice.

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