Since launching our Customer Success Maturity Assessments earlier this year, our customers have found tremendous value in ESG’s ability to combine this quantitative data with the qualitative data found in Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs. So, we’ve decided to combine the two in a limited-time service bundle, just in time to get you the data you need for your 2021 plans. 

The Data You Need to Succeed

We created the ESG Customer Success Maturity Assessment to give you a granular view into organizational performance and enriched insights into the bottlenecks hindering your business performance today. It has served as the foundation for companies like Aruba Networks to build global centers of excellence in Customer Success.

With over 150 data points in the 17 key capabilities required to buildoperationalize, and transform a CS practice, which is then benchmarked against your peers, the assessment’s output is an outpouring of objective quantitative data, specific to your organization.

The Maturity Assessment provides an objective perspective on the internal operations of your CS organization. The only thing that could make that kind of insight even more valuable is by coupling it with an entirely different external point of view – that of your customers.

ESG has been helping our customers gain user feedback and insights for nearly two decades, through onboarding retrospectives, NPS, CSAT, and CES surveys, phone interviews, churn surveys, the list goes on. But we’ve never offered it as a stand-alone service. Until now.

Now through the end of the year, you get two critical data sources for the price of one, with both a CS Maturity Assessment and a Voice of the Customer project for $20,000. (Psssttt, that’s the same price as our Maturity Assessment alone!)

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The ESG Customer Success Maturity Assessment is a proven model that has helped companies like Aruba Networks improve Net Retention by 40%.

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Discovering and acting upon direct customer feedback can significantly increase revenue, like Charles Schwab, who saw an 11% revenue increase after implementing a new focus on direct customer feedback to ‘turn the company around’ back in 2008.

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A holistic approach to planning for the future requires data. Both quantitative and qualitative, and as much as you can get your hands on.