Onboarding is the crucial first step in the customer journey, where ESG leverages the power of human interaction to build better customer relationships from day one.

We work to eliminate the mistrust customers often feel in vendor interactions by creating an environment purely focused on educating the end user and helping them make the most of the product — no strings attached. Increased product knowledge drives product adoption and creates organic sales opportunities as end users realize product potential and expand product usage.

Our technology partnerships allow us to track usage and automate personalized communications to your customer base, keeping them informed and engaged with your brand through digital customer communication.

This full customer lifecycle management strategy provides invaluable insight into the health of your customer base, giving you agility in the marketplace and a step up on your competition.

Group of people listening to a Customer Success presentation.


From the start, we take on your new customers with purpose and a plan, guiding them through the awkwardness of handoffs and uncertainty. We help your customers define milestones, provide the necessary tools to achieve them, and run implementations to ensure they realize the same joy and value that your sales team so expertly demonstrated during their days as a prospect. Our virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) take charge of this sometimes overwhelming, complex first stage in the customer journey. We share in the highs and lows, celebrating the wins both big and small, removing any road blocks along the way.


The secret is out! Customer training is the #1 driver of customer adoption, which strongly influences customers’ overall success. With so much competition, a great product just isn’t enough anymore. Why make a big investment, if the tool is too challenging and you don’t get the full benefit of what it can do? For the last 17 years, ESG has been the leading provider of outsourced training sales and operations and have continued to support the industry as it transitions to a SaaS model. Adoption and retention through education will only become more important as the marketplace becomes flooded with competition and similar solutions. What will set you apart?

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Customer Success Manager working on a laptop.


Communication is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with your end users, but we know it’s not enough to send an anonymous ‘check in’ email from time to time. Our in-house marketing and communications professionals leverage marketing automation technology to build and manage impactful Tech Touch strategies to support your larger Customer Success goals. Proactive email campaigns improve communication effectiveness and allow for in-depth reporting and analytics, providing expert insight and recommendations to your team. We take on anything client facing including proactive customer communication, survey distribution, technical and product updates, lead generation (for both inside and outside sales), converting freemium to premium, training, company communication. And we do it with a collaborative and strategic approach.


ESG’s virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) use our proven process-driven formula to create a seamless experience for your customers. Customer needs are identified and addressed, and expectations are exceeded. Proactive outreach throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle allows you to monitor the health of your business and make intelligent decisions based on data, not assumptions. This ongoing customer management builds positive relationships with your brand, increasing referrals and expansion sales opportunities within your base.

Women and man gesturing to computer screen.

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