About Our Customer Lifecycle Management Services

We want to make sure your customers are using your software with every license, feature and functionality for which they have access. We execute a blend of tech touch and one-to-one communication to make a customer happy with leveraging your software.

Our Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs), supported by a team of ESG CS experts, deliver a seamless customer experience that identifies customer needs, provides proactive outreach, and exceeds expectations. We break the Customer Lifecycle into five distinct stages: Onboarding, Adoption, Usage, Value Realization, and Advocacy. Our proven approach is built to enhance your customers’ experiences and turn them into highly satisfied Advocates.

Solutions for Every Stage of the Lifecycle

Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences at each stage of the customer lifecycle. We’ll bring your customers through a seamless onboarding process and work to educate them on the full functions and features of your product or service. In the Usage stage, our vCSMs built trust with outreach, implement get-well plans for struggling customers, and, when appropriate, upsell or cross-sell to existing customers.

Near the end of the cycle is the Value Realization stage. This stage is critical for customer renewal and helps identify growth opportunities. At this stage in the process, our experts work towards key indicators of Customer Success, like high Net Promotor Scores (NPS), increased health scores, and lower rates of churn.

The end goal? Turn your customers into Advocates. Word-of-mouth referrals are the number-one driver for business purchases. When you commit to a holistic Customer Success strategy with robust Customer Lifecycle Management, you’ll see increased rates of renewal, reduced churn, higher NPS, increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and so much more.

Customer Coverage that Makes a Difference

You’ve seen this statistic before — 20% of your customers get 80% of your attention. Covering every single one of your customers from in-house is certainly difficult and maybe impossible. That’s where our Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) come in. No more reactive customer service for your SMB accounts or only managing accounts when there’s a growth opportunity.

ESG’s unique Customer Management approach brings the necessary focus to valuable customer segments while maintaining coverage of high-revenue customers. We proactively manage your customer base for expansion and retention, resulting in reduced churn, higher NPS, and more customer Advocates.

Data You Can Rely On

When you monitor the health and behavior of your customer base through the entire lifecycle, from Onboarding to Advocacy, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of data. Say goodbye to throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. Our team will enhance your marketing, sales, and business initiatives with nuanced, highly valuable data-driven insights. We’ll leverage Our Customer Success technology platform (or yours!) to gather the data points that matter,  provide valuable insights to your business, and create better experiences for your customers.

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Proactive management of customer bases lead to higher NPS and more customer Advocates.

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There’s a significant opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling in SMB accounts with a robust Customer Coverage strategy.

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Implementing a holistic Customer Lifecycle Management strategy helps ensure your customers are appropriately covered, educated, onboarded, and more.