Learning Management System: Break-up or Make-up?

November 5, 2014

Marley Wagner

Category: Enterprise Learning Solutions, Learning Administration, Learning Management, Managed Training Services

Relationships with technology don’t always last forever and this is certainly true with your enterprise’s Learning Management System (LMS). Now more than ever, enterprises are realizing the true power of an all-in-one delivery system for training and development and how truly dysfunctional things can become when users are dissatisfied and don’t understand how to effectively and efficiently use the tool.

According to an eLearning Guild survey, only 62% of respondents said their LMS lived up to vendor promises. If you can relate to any of the following reasons, you might want to think about checking out some demos or writing up a RFP.

Top 5 reasons you might be unhappy with your LMS:

  • It’s complicated – Let’s face it. Looks matter. If it’s not attractive and easy to use, then it won’t be functioning in the capacity it should for you.
  • There’s not enough support – Are you on hold for way too many minutes at a time without the desired information or are your customer service needs being met? Do you feel like you’re being shuffled like a deck of cards to different levels of support?
  • Money is flying out the door – If it’s too expensive for your budget and there is possibly a better option available, that is worthy of investigating. Remember to consider various fees such as set up, transaction upgrade, and user fees.
  • There are no updates available for ramping up – If your provider has been acquired and re-acquired chances are they have halted or altered the development “road map” and you pretty much have your reason to consider a break-up.

Switching to a new system and a new vendor isn’t easy. There are ramifications with switching in terms of transaction costs, investment and staffing. A well run evaluation will likely require updating some processes and orchestrating operational changes. I would argue these can all be good things though even if you don’t move to a new vendor … the in-depth evaluation might help improve the ways you use an incumbent LMS.

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