Building a Strategy that Supports Human Interaction

Automation is an important aspect of a Customer Success (CS) strategy, but there’s a downside to focusing too much on the bottom line and overlooking the benefits of human-to-human contact. Contrary to popular belief, multiple scientific studies prove people make decisions based on the emotional, not logical, rewards they receive. And by its very nature, human interaction is rewarding.

All too often, Customer Success strategies are built around automation, and humans fill in the gaps. What if we started with the idea that human interaction is essential to the customer experience and then build an AI strategy to support that vision? Doing so would deliver the best of both worlds — lower costs plus higher revenue. But what’s the right mix of human and artificial contact, and how can this strategy scale when resources are strapped?

This guide from Michael Harnum, CEO of ESG, and Ed Powers, Principal Consultant at Service Excellence Partners, explains how scientific research is impacting the way business leaders think about Customer Experience. Plus, you’ll learn:

  • 3 key areas to focus on when developing the optimal blend of people and robots
  • The impact of over automation on customer churn
  • What to do when your budget doesn’t support more full-time hires
  • …And much more!

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