Customer Coverage

Proactive Customer Success

Your top customers are important to your brand and your bottom line, which is why they command nearly 100% of your proactive attention and resources. But what about the diamonds hiding in that bottom 80%? What about the extra revenue that can come with building those relationships without pulling resources away from your top customers?

Our Approach to Customer Coverage

ESG delivers Customer Success as a Service (CSaaS), helping companies efficiently extend their customer coverage model with a pay-for-performance approach powered by people. Our team of Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSM) work with your customers as a function of your company so they benefit from a seamless experience where their needs are identified, addressed, resolved and exceeded.

We have a process-driven formula built on 15+ years helping our clients’ customers realize maximum value from their purchases. We’ve developed deep insights into successful customer lifecycle management strategies and provide people who will proactively manage outreach campaigns at specific stages of that lifecycle.

Our Outcome Based Selling Methodology brings customer success to life because ESG delivers Customer Success as a Service. We use the power of human interaction to transform reactive customer service into proactive customer success, building better customer relationships and stronger bottom lines.

What’s in it for You?

We help efficiently extend your customer coverage to complement your internal resources and strategy, all the while building value through the customer lifecycle — from onboarding to awareness building through usage, value realization and advocacy. At the end of the day, your bottom line grows, adoption goes up, churn goesdown, and customer relationships become stronger than ever.