Customer Segmentation Strategies to Reduce Churn and Increase Adoption

Segmenting your customer base by annual contract value or company size is common. At the surface, this structure is uncomplicated. It provides a logical outline for aligning customer success resources and action plans. But do these logical segments paint the most valuable picture of your customer base? Are they accurately structured to help the maximum number of customers achieve their desired outcomes? And do they support your team’s ability to reach your own organizational goals, whether it’s increased adoption, reduced churn or more efficient onboarding? Probably not.

This in-depth whitepaper explores:

  • Potential risks with typical approaches to customer segmentation
  • What customer data points can improve your segmentation strategy
  • How to group and assess your customer base to reduce churn and increase adoption
  • Plays you can run to get maximum output from your customer segments

Enjoy these tips and more when you download this whitepaper today!

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