Creating a culture and practice of Customer Success within your organization is easier brainstormed than executed. When you’re looking to build or improve your CS processes, be it customer journey maps, segmentation, CS tool implementation, health score definition, automated communication, or anything else on your laundry list of to-do’s, you may find yourself at a key juncture: hire CS professionals in-house, or turn to a trusted partner? We’ll explore the options.

Hiring in-house goes way beyond salary.

When you bring in a new team member, you’re committing to a host of costs: salary, benefits, recruitment and training time, travel costs, fringe benefits like cell phones, turnover costs, and more. These hard, soft, and fringe costs add up — and there are no guarantees your new hire will stack up.

Of course, the benefits of an in-house CS team may include shared corporate values, a deep understanding of your company’s offerings, and transparency between departments. Maybe we’re biased by experience, but we think any Customer Success partner worth its salt will more than meet these in-house advantages.

The Costs of Hiring

Outsourcing is the efficient and cost-effective choice.

Outsourcing isn’t what it used to be — especially in the world of Customer Success. When you choose the right strategic partner, you’ll benefit from a host of value adds:

  • A deep understanding of the Customer Success space
  • Tried-and-true methodologies and the experience to implement them
  • Your customers are our lifeblood and focal point — as an outside business, we’re not beholden to other internal departments
  • A team of experts focused on your business and executing against Customer Success goals

Perhaps most important of all, for the amount you’d spend on hard, soft, and fringe benefits costs when hiring an in-house Customer Success team, you’ll enjoy the depth and breadth of an entire organization that’s passionate about implementing a Customer Success strategy at your business. From Onboarding to Customer Lifecycle Management to Digital Customer Success, our teams have the expertise and knowledge to launch your organization’s Customer Success capabilities.

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