Why Partner Customer Success is a Win-Win

June 20, 2024

Melissa Langworthy

Category: Customer Success as a Service, Our Knowledge, Outcomes, Partner Success

Partner Success, or Partner Customer Success (PCS) enables your channel partners to deliver on the promises of your product for your end-users. We know that Partner Success involves both making your channel partners successful and using CS principles to benefit your shared end users – Customer Success for partners and through partners.

Partner Customer Success (PCS) offers significant advantages for both your company and your partners.

For You:

Cost-Effective Growth: Reduce headcount needs for internal Customer Success Managers (CSMs) by leveraging the reach and expertise of your partner network.

Enhanced Customer Focus: Expand your customer success reach and provide more personalized support by collaborating with partners.

Stronger Partnerships: Build deeper, more strategic relationships with partners through shared goals and success.

For Your Partners:

Sales Incentives and Discounts: Partners can achieve partner sales discounts and incentives through program participation and achieving specific partner success goals such as: Renewals and Up-sell/cross sell targets.

Operational Sophistication: Partner involvement in PCS allows them to develop skills and best practices in customer success management, enhancing their overall capabilities.

Brand Alignment: Partners become trusted advisors, further strengthening their association with your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overcoming Objections: Building Trust is Key

Some companies might hesitate to embrace PCS due to concerns about losing visibility into customer relationships or ultimately being held responsible for partner actions. However, consider this: you already trust your partners to represent your brand during sales, why not trust them to care for and build those relationships, odds are, they already are.

Partner Customer Success extends that trust to long-term customer care. By providing clear guidelines, ongoing communication, and performance monitoring, and access to systems and information, you can ensure partners are aligned with your customer success goals.

The Future of Partnering: A Collaborative Ecosystem

ESG Customer Success as a Service® (CSaaS) has extensive experience working with leading technology companies to implement successful Partner Customer Success programs. We believe these programs represent a paradigm shift in the way companies leverage partnerships. It fosters a collaborative ecosystem where both you and your partners are invested in creating long-term customer success which in turn improves retention and fosters continued revenue growth.


Ready to Unlock the Power of Partner Customer Success?

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