Webinars are a wonderful way to learn something new, get questions answered, and maybe even make a few connections. 2020 proved that virtual learning can be a great alternative to being somewhere in person, and there’s no shortage of excellent virtual conferences, discussions, and gatherings to spark anyone’s interest. Customer Success webinars are no exception. There are some fantastic live and on-demand videos and podcasts covering a whole range of hot topics in CS, just waiting to be discovered. From career advice for CSMs to big-picture CS strategies for business, there’s something for everyone in this roundup of 7 Customer Success webinars to watch.

1. ChurnZero

If you’re looking for content that will help you up your CS game, ChurnZero is always one of my go-to sources. They are experts in preventing customer churn, and their webinars will walk you through all the elements of reducing churn and so much more. Check out their extensive lineup for topics like How to Have More Strategic Customer Conversations and The Right Way to Handle Customer Objections and Negotiations.


Exploring all the latest technology trends, TSIA had to make our list for their extensive library of content on best practices alone. They cover more than Customer Success and have a solid selection of CS-related webinars, both archived and coming up in their lineup for the rest of 2021. We’re especially excited for Partner Inclusion: Generating Action Towards Equity in the Partner Ecosystem. If you miss a live TSIA webinar, you can access the slides on their website, which is fortunate because they are always chock full of good info and data. Scoping out older webinar slides often has me falling down a rabbit hole of juicy research from their vast catalog of resources.

3.  Gainsight

Gainsight is perhaps the best-known Customer Success platform to help CS organizations streamline their customer engagement. As such, these guys are connoisseurs of utilizing CS technology to optimize performance and their resource library is well worth checking out. They cover a wide range of CS subjects from specifics like product analytics and data dashboards to broader topics on the evolution of Customer Success and creating consistent customer experiences across a business.

4. inSided

We really love inSided’s Customer Success webinars because they are always engaging and fun. Interviewing experts from all over the CS world, their webinars and podcasts have an approachable “tell it like it is” vibe that is refreshing and enjoyable. I highly recommend The Rise of the Digital CSM – And why you need one! and Don’t Just Throw Together a Digitally-Led Engagement Model, as embracing fit-for-purpose CS technology is a subject near and dear to our hearts here at ESG.

5. ClientSuccess

As another strong CS platform, ClientSuccess has built out a solid Customer Success webinar series highlighting a different area of CS expertise in each one. They cover in-depth discussions with Customer Success leaders like Katie Christian, Head of Customer Success at Calendly, Rav Dhaliwal, Partner at Crane Ventures, and even our own CEO Michael Harnum, to discuss each leader’s experiences in CS and advice they have for the industry.

6. Higher Logic

Higher Logic gets extra points for also being the creator of Gain. Grow. Retain., an industry community and podcast dedicated to Customer Success in the B2B SaaS space. However, they also have a fantastic collection of CS webinars that you should check out. They are all about community engagement and building a thriving online community – a practice that goes perfectly hand in hand with Customer Success. If you want to learn more about customer communities or automation (yes, please!), they’ve got the webinars for you.

7. ESG Customer Success Webinar Series

Starting in July, ESG is launching our own monthly Customer Success webinar series: Customer Success Unlocked. We’ll be chatting with top CS experts covering a wide variety of CS topics, offering guidance on best practices and strategic advice. To kick off our new series, Peter Armaly, Senior Director of Customer Success Enablement at Oracle, will discuss how Customer Success leaders and organizations can navigate through the ever-evolving business landscape. Hint: don’t just experience the change, manage it! Join us on Wednesday, July 21 at 2pm EST.