Our Newly Redesigned Services: Why the Change?

June 15, 2020

Michael Harnum

Category: Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Customer Success as a Service, Customer Success Strategy, Our Services, Virtual Customer Success Management

If everything is working, why would you change it? If you are succeeding, why not just keep going as-is?

In any line of work, the best in the business are constantly pushing themselves to get better, to evolve and adapt faster, both as a competitive advantage and as a way to anticipate the needs of their marketplace. Examples abound, from athletes coming back for the new season with new skills, to Apple launching products we don’t even know we need that turn into multi-billion dollar revenue sources. Today’s fast-paced market pushes this agenda. Plain and simple: if you are standing still in the subscription economy, you are losing.

At ESG we have had the pleasure of building and operating Customer Success practices at some of the world’s most progressive technology companies for over 18 years. The trust placed in us by those companies has been both extremely rewarding and hard-earned. Along the way, we have learned an incredible amount from our customers about their current needs as well as their future expectations; expectations of their business, their industry, their customers, and expectations of us as a trusted partner and advisor.

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been putting that learning to good use in redefining the suite of services that comprise our Customer Success as a Service® (CSaaS) offer. Here are our four newly redesigned services, streamlined under the CSaaS umbrella:

Customer Success Maturity Assessment

Our Maturity Assessment is based upon our 17-point Customer Success Maturity Model. Both were designed to help Customer Success leaders organize their seemingly never-ending to-do lists. Where do I stand today? What should I tackle next? How do I prioritize my limited time and energy? Which resources do I have, and which do I still need? How do I compare with my peers? The assessment is intended to help you answer these questions, and set you up with a clear path forward.

Customer Success Plans

We can all agree that building a brand new Customer Success organization is no simple task, and that CS leaders are often asked to do a lot with a little. At ESG, we’re lucky to have a team that excels at making something out of nothing. So ESG’s take on a Customer Success Plan (CSP) was born. Our CSPs are here to help you build the foundational and operational elements that your team needs to succeed and scale, setting you up with a library of assets for your team to utilize.

Virtual Customer Success Managers

Since our initial launch of Customer Success as a Service® back in 2017, virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) have been a hallmark of our service offering. And that’s not going anywhere. We still hire the best to fill in your customer coverage gaps and test out new processes before rolling them out to your internal team of CSMs. Our vCSMs still sit in our Success Centers in Cincinnati and Denver, and are whitelabeled as your employees to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Customer Education

We’ve seen firsthand how critical training and education are to a customer’s success with any tool, and how XaaS transformations have led learning subscriptions to mirror their software license counterparts – requiring close alignment and shared goals between Customer Success and Education Services. And so our legacy service offering has continued to evolve to meet the needs of the marketplace, ensuring your end users are utilizing the training available to them.

Our intent with our newly redesigned services and CSaaS packages is to simplify the offerings in a way that better aligns to the needs of our customers and focuses the efforts of our talented employees to deliver the strongest possible business outcomes.

You will see much more detail in the coming days from us on each of these four service offerings, and I invite you to come on this journey with us!