ESG Closes 2020 with Record-Setting Performance

February 5, 2021

Marley Wagner

Category: Customer Success as a Service, Happening at ESG

Customer Success becomes a “must-have” in a tumultuous economy, increasing the need for Customer Success as a Service®

ESG, the market leader in Customer Success as a Service® is proud to announce record-breaking 2020 year-end results. The company’s unique approach, combines consultation, process development, people, and automation to improve the Customer Success capabilities and maturity of technology companies.

The economic uncertainty of 2020 has transformed the retention and growth of current clients from a “nice-to-have” into a “must-have” for any business that operates with a subscription model. Many of these software providers do not have the knowledge, experience, or bandwidth to implement the necessary customer-centric strategies, so they turn to ESG.

ESG 2020 News:
  • ESG’s total book of business increased by 40% year-over-year
  • New sales bookings closed were 261% to annual target
  • ESG added eight new clients, from high growth startups to Fortune 500 Enterprises
  • Earned expansions with three existing Enterprise clients based on high caliber of work
  • Redesigned Customer Success as a Service® packages to meet and exceed market expectations
  • Introduced the Customer Success Maturity Model and Assessment
  • Over 25% increase in employee count to bring specialized skillsets to client accounts
  • Partnered with Customer Success platform ChurnZero to offer Digital Customer Success services
  • Presented at over a dozen Customer Success industry events as thought leaders in the space
  • Won Customer Success industry awards from Success Coaching and Customer Contact Central
New clients in 2020 include:
  • Fortune 500 publicly traded global information technology enterprise
  • Publicly traded data storage hardware & software company
  • Customer training platform and learning technology vendor
  • Global publicly traded Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software provider
  • Driver safety and fleet management solutions company
  • Global ethics and compliance software provider
  • Human Resources technology company
  • High growth augmented analytics startup

“Coming off the best year in the nearly two decades history of our company, I’ve never been more certain of the need for our expertise in the marketplace,” said ESG CEO Michael Harnum. “We’ve had the pleasure of building and operating Customer Success practices at some of the world’s most progressive technology companies since before it was even called Customer Success, and 2020 was a year of reckoning for those who had previously discounted the value of this industry.”

“From what I’m seeing out in the market, I would estimate that the average technology company’s Customer Success budget has increased by around 30% from 2020 to 2021,” Michael continued. “This observation, combined with our record-setting successes in a year of such uncertainty, makes me extremely proud of our team, and even more optimistic about the future.”


About ESG

ESG delivers Customer Success as a Service® (CSaaS), enabling technology companies to build, operationalize, and transform their Customer Success organization. ESG’s services improve metrics and enable clients to accomplish their ultimate goal of reduced churn and increased retention. With a unique approach, ESG combines consultation, process development, people, and automation to increase clients’ Customer Success capabilities. Learn more at esgsuccess.com.