Global Contact Center Software Leader Expands Relationship with ESG

July 7, 2021

Marley Wagner

Category: Customer Success as a Service, Happening at ESG

Four-Year Extension and 10x Scope Expansion Increases Adoption of Customer Success as a Service® Customer Education Offering with Existing Technology Client

ESG, the leader in Customer Success as a Service® (CSaaS), announced today it has signed an agreement to extend and expand its relationship with a current client, a global leader in the Customer Experience and Call Center Technology space.

With a robust portfolio of omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions in the cloud and on-premises, this client offers Learning Subscriptions as an up-sell to their software license subscriptions, enabling and empowering their customers to use their products confidently and independently.

ESG places those Learning Subscriptions into the market through a global selling team and provides post-sale lifecycle management of those Learning Subscribers on behalf of this client. Onboarding, adoption, and consumption plays are all proactively incorporated into this approach.

The impact ESG’s team has made on metrics such as number of trained customers, number of certified end users, training revenue generated, and renewal rates, have enabled the ESG team dedicated to this tech giant to grow by 500%+ over our four-year partnership.

With a newly signed extension and expansion of the current contract, this client will continue that growth trajectory with ESG over the next four years, including up to a 10x expansion of customer learning subscriptions sold, managed, and renewed by ESG.

“We’re incredibly proud of the work our team has done and the impact we’ve made over the last four years of working with this Customer Experience technology company,” said ESG CEO Michael Harnum. “Companies vote with their time and dollars, and we are very grateful for the continued partnership and trust as we embark on this new phase of mutual growth.”

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