Life as a CSM, as Told by Memes

September 29, 2021

Gala Samokieszyn

Category: Customer Success as a Service, Customer Success Strategy, Voice of the Team

If you’re like me, you prefer to communicate via gif, meme, or emoji whenever possible. There truly isn’t a better way to capture a sentiment than a well-done, relatable meme. Of course, we’ve all seen sales and marketing memes galore, but just like everywhere else, Customer Success is taking over the meme space!

As a CSM, you will be required to wear many hats, and all CSM’s “out in the wild” have had similar experiences with mile-long to-do lists or have been a part of some “hot topic” Customer Success conversations.

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So, if you are like Ben Stiller and you “EAT SUCCESS FOR BREAKFAST…with skim milk” take a peek at some of the best Customer Success memes that address some of these hot buttons.

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The sales team did it again: a new customer has joined. But wait……what about “the handoff?” This, as all CS professionals know, is a crucial moment of truth. One that, I prefer, to call a “handshake,” implying that the sales and CS teams work together to get the client to the next point in your outlined journey.




Your sales team should be……. “Really, really, ridiculously good at closing.”

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But is the handshake clearly defined? Is there a process in place to make sure you have what you need to successfully start the relationship? If not, this is a great opportunity for you to collaborate cross-functionally with your sales, product, and marketing teams.

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So now you have nailed the handshake and have a brand-new customer in your book of business…but they don’t know exactly what you do and how you will provide value to them.
We’ve all heard it: “Customer Success and Customer Support are the same, right?” While this may be triggering for some, it is important to remember that Customer Success is relatively new and may be foreign to your customer.

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I have found that this is a great opportunity to educate the customer regarding when they should come to you (Success) vs. Support. I always give a new client a “first pass” and help them with their support inquiry- with a bit more grace than Dr. Evil.

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You, the CSM, should always be delivering on value. Above all, the joy in Customer Success stems from helping your client achieve their outlined definition of success. But remember, don’t paint a picture of success for your client. Let them define this for themselves.

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As your customer begins to realize the value of your product, you will continue to earn their trust and the status of trusted advisor. Managing this relationship is the key to being a standout in Customer Success.

These value-driven and strategic conversations can lead to expansions, renewals, and referrals. These often occur more naturally throughout a customer’s journey when the relationship has been properly established and nurtured from the handshake I mentioned earlier.

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But sometimes, churn happens. Maybe product alignment was off or maybe the key stakeholder left the organization and your product is no longer a priority. Or maybe a feature was requested that couldn’t be met…

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When these instances happen, it is vital to learn from them. Whenever churn happens, a valuable lesson can be found. Where was the customer lost during their journey? Did they have a successful onboarding? Could expectations have been set more clearly from the start? Each lesson is an opportunity to get better as an individual, team, and business.

With the ups and downs that come with Customer Success, it’s important to remember that you may not have all the answers, but you know where to find them and who to ask for help. As you continually deposit into the relationships of your customers and colleagues, you can unite towards one common goal: exceeding customer expectations by helping them achieve their definition of success.

So get out there, and be like Leo….

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